Flock Mats

Some believe that if it has a fancy design it will not get the work done; we are not some
people and we believe even fancy designed products can get the job done.
The Flock Mat series is made out of 100% Recycled Rubber backing and polyamide
flocking and is made to provide the best of comforts to your feet. Flock Mats can be
used both indoor and outdoor and can be vacuumed for easy maintenance and
Why just use them at your entrances? Keep them in your kitchen, washroom, and
Bedrooms! The Flock Mats are versatile in locations and does the work in any place you
keep them. Be it stopping snow or the occasional wet feet marks after a shower, the
Flock Mats will come in handy, and you don’t have to stress of having to use the old
broom and mop frequently.
Make a smart choice, choose a cool design, or give your own rad design, order in
numbers to cover all your doors in your house. If you are not going to protect your
house with some flair, then who will do it?

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