Rubber Mats

Made out of recycled rubber, the rubber mats consist of two portfolios: Industrial and
Both types of Rubber Mats are ideal for Indoor and Outdoor use with great performance
in removing dirt and mud from footwear with the Industrial Mats can made to stand high
heat and other workplace factors.
The mats are easy to maintain and has a good durability and can maintain a consistent
appearance for a considerable number of years.
But have you seen the designs that are offered? Ever wanted something creative on
your wall but didn’t want to spend over the board on a painting but wanted something
different? The designs that are offered from our series is so good that you can actually
hang it on your wall (People have actually done this!)
Basically, if you want a solid rubber mat series that can protect you from all kinds of
floor dirt from shoes and being able to withstand the environment of your workplace or
you want a creative DIY Wall Art or something with a flair to your home, our Rubber Mat
series is the perfect method.

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