Woven Coir Mats

Are you tired of changing mats on a frequent basis? Do you want something that is a bit
long lasting in your life starting from doorstep? Are you tired of not getting good value
for your money?
Woven Coir Mats are part of the Elite Club of Mats. Made to perfection in our complex in
the iconic city of Galle in Sri Lanka, these mats will provide an excellent barrier against
Dust, Mud and Dirt from entering your periods.
Machine woven; these mats have an excellent durability with each mat being able to
last for years if taken care properly. Given the frequent change of weather in the region,
keeping one mat for years is in fact a big deal!
By using this mat, you do not have to worry of changing your mats every four months. In
fact, you do not have to worry about changing them for a time!

The best offer you can get for the money you spend and easily one of the smartest
choices you can make to have a long-lasting resistance against snow for your home.

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