Cleaning Devices

In any household we can find a sponge that is being used to clean dishes, sinks and whatnot. But did you know that sponges that were used takes around 52,000 years to decay as of now? Now think whether you want to contribute even more to this issue. It’s clear that we need an alternative […]

Rubber Mats

Made out of recycled rubber, the rubber mats consist of two portfolios: Industrial and Household. Both types of Rubber Mats are ideal for Indoor and Outdoor use with great performance in removing dirt and mud from footwear with the Industrial Mats can made to stand high heat and other workplace factors. The mats are easy […]

Flock Mats

Some believe that if it has a fancy design it will not get the work done; we are not some people and we believe even fancy designed products can get the job done. The Flock Mat series is made out of 100% Recycled Rubber backing and polyamide flocking and is made to provide the best […]

Combine Mats

We all have seen the best of both worlds- from the combination of sportswear to mobile technology to the smallest part like Burgers and Soda, sometimes a combination of two worlds can give the best of experience. In that sense, the Combine Mat series is another example. The combination of Rubber and Coir in a […]

Woven Coir Mats

Are you tired of changing mats on a frequent basis? Do you want something that is a bit long lasting in your life starting from doorstep? Are you tired of not getting good value for your money? Woven Coir Mats are part of the Elite Club of Mats. Made to perfection in our complex in […]

Tufted Coir Mats

All of us want to save our home from unnecessary snow, dust, and dirt. All of us want to add a bit of flair to our home, especially the entrance. What if we told you that there is a way to hit both these birds in one stone? The Tufted Coir Mart is made precisely […]