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Trademark of Sri Lankan Floor mats

Who We Are

Rileys is the trademark of Sri Lankan floor Mat Manufacturing with over 30 years in the Industry. Rileys is a subsidiary of Hayleys Group of companies. Hayleys is a Sri Lankan Multinational Conglomerate that was established in the year 1878 currently contributing approximately 2.8% of the National GDP.

At Rileys, we distinguish ourselves as a prominent name in Designing, Manufacturing and  delivery of products that help our customers to keep their homes free of Snow, Dirt, Dust and Mud and add a touch of elegance to their homes and workspaces. We pride ourselves in our ability as a Business to provide a Global Service and build  relationships with our client and our ability in greater flexibility, quick responses and a unsophisticated service.

About Sri Lanka

Ceylon, Thambapanni, Serendib, The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, these are some of the names that were used to identify Sri Lanka- a Tropical Island in the Indian Ocean. 

Sri Lanka is a country with rich history dating back to the times of Ramayana and a country blessed with natural golden beaches, Green lush Mountains and Heritage sites all over the country. In recent years Sri Lanka has been ranked as a must visit country for vacations.

Sri Lankan people are known for their hospitality from earlier times. The Island boasts a diversified population ranging from Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslims, Burghers and Malays with 3 languages spoken in the island.

The country has a rich vegetation and has the ideal conditions for tropical plants such as Coconuts. This is where we obtain the key component of Coir for a majority of our products- the rich Coconut Plantations.

Hop into the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and feast your eyes with the Marvels hidden inside this tiny paradise.

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