Boot Scraper

We all know how tough it is to maintain a household during a winter day or a rainy day.
The snow, the mud that comes from even flip flops is a nightmare for any person when
they are entered into the premises. Any household will get untidy any given time but
seeing a pile of snow or mud steps along your living room will send anyone crazy!
If only there was a way to at least prevent this…
The Boot Scraper series of mats is introduced with this in mind. A product that is made
out of recycled rubber and Handcrafted using the finest fiber obtained from Coconut
Plantations in Sri Lanka, these mats are combined with galvanized steel wire frames to
make an ideal barrier against snow, dust, dirt, and mud.
Many of us have heard about the term “prevention is better than a cure”. Why wait till
someone comes with a boot covered in snow and walk over your house when you can
purchase a Boot Scraper Mat and place it in front of your door. Pick a neat design so

that anyone who sees it will want to rub their shoes just by looking at it. Save your
House! Make the Smart Choice!

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