Wire and Coir Scraper Mats

They say that your home should be your safe haven, your happy place. If this to be true,
shouldn’t your haven be elegant? Why not add a touch of elegance to your household
starting from your doorstep.
Coir taken from Coconut plantations that are cultivated in tropical conditions in Sri
Lanka generate a unique and more elegant look compared to other coir. The products
used by coir are diverse and offer a unique look to any environment they are placed.
One product that like this is the Wire and Coir Scraper Mats.
The Wire and Coir Scraper mats are handmade and ideal for Outdoor use for resistance
against Snow, Dust, Mud and Dirt from entering your premises. This is along with the
grand look given to your doorstep.
The use of this does not only result in an elegant look for your household along with
protecting your house from Snow, Dust, Mud and Dirt. It screams out a statement of
yourself that shows your commitment in a sustainable livelihood.
Using this type of Scraper Mat will also help you out in convincing that one annoying
visitor who forgets to brush off the dirt and snow stuck in their shoes and gives you the
most hated task of cleaning up during a rainy or snowy day. Place a Wire and Coir Mat
at your doorstep and see how your most annoying visitor too will scrape off their snow
filled shoes and enter your masterpiece of a home.

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